Mack TerraPro™ LR

Built To Exceed Expectations

Mack engineers worked tirelessly to create the new TerraPro™ LR — the most versatile Mack truck the refuse industry has ever seen. In order to create this remarkable garbage truck, we conducted comprehensive research and incorporated customer feedback to build a trash truck that not only meets the needs of the job, but also addresses the wants of drivers.

The TerraPro™ LR is designed from the inside out. It is rugged and reliable while delivering maximum comfort and functionality. From easy, one-step entry and exits to the easy-access controls for bodybuilders, we thought of everything to make the workday seem a little less like work.

The TerraPro™ LR features the in-cab Control Link and back-of-cab Body Link II systems as the new bodybuilder interfaces. They provide required quick-connections to the bodybuilder’s control unit, as well as pass-through harnesses and connectors from the controller to the body. With these systems, the TerraPro™ LR can be specified to meet the needs of side-loader and rear-loader applications.