Volvo VHD

Built To Exceed Expectations

Business Is Good Even When Conditions Are Bad

Volvo VHD trucks are designed for nonstop reliability in extreme weather, rugged terrain, and cramped construction sites. They’ll get the job done safely and on schedule, and take your payload anywhere it needs to go. A full package of protective features and a quiet, spacious, comfortable cab help ensure the safety of all on board.

Maneuver In And Out, Quickly And Safely

The VHD gives you a panoramic, one-piece windshield and sloped side windows. A wheel cut of up to 50º helps deliver one of the tightest turning radiuses in the industry, and with Volvo’s responsive steering, the VHD handles beautifully in heavy traffic or heavy snow. Designed to deliver the best ride under the worst conditions, the standard Volvo T-Ride suspension features trunnion-mounted springs and rubber towers for excellent traction and articulation in off-road conditions.

When It Comes To Payload Capacity, Think Big

Volvo’s VHD trucks are stronger and lighter, trading chassis weight for valuable payload capacity. The High-Strength Steel cab and taller-profile frame rails dramatically increase payload. Optional aluminum intermediate cross members save more weight, and a choice of front axle positions ensures correct weight distribution for every application.

More Comfort Than Expected - But You’ll Get Used To It

VHD trucks offer extra room between seats and ample storage for gear. Superior insulation and soundproofing keep the cab quiet, and an advanced climate control system maintains comfortable cab temperature. Cab doors are double sealed to keep out water, wind, and noise. On the dash, a centrally positioned screen displays all your key diagnostic information.

Working With A Body Builder? No Sweat

The VHD’s flexible design allows for quick body mounting and easy hookups. The easily accessible body builder junction box has connections for all signal lights. The battery box, air tanks, and fuel tanks are positioned far forward. Dump, refuse, or mixer hydraulics can be powered with engine or transmission PTO integrated into the chassis and dash-mountable switches.

Power To Meet The Challenges Of Business

From the comfort and convenience in the cab to the power under the hood, a VHD is simply a better way to make business more efficient and more profitable.