Volvo VNL 300/Daycab

Built To Exceed Expectations

For Routes Close To Home, Its Close To Perfect

The VNL Daycab is ideal for applications that go out and back in the same day. With outstanding visibility and maneuverability including a panoramic, one-piece windshield with more than 2,000 square inches of viewing area every feature and detail is designed to make life easier.

A Design That Is Easy On The Eye. And On Your Fuel Bill

The VNL Daycab's aerodynamic design offers the lowest drag coefficient of any truck on the road. Everything from the heavily sloped hood to the wedge-shaped headlights has been sculpted and streamlined to cut through the air. The gap between cab and trailer is minimized for less air turbulence and drag, which means better fuel efficiency.

More Comfort In The Cab. Better Handling On The Road

The VNL Daycab features a multidirectional air suspension system with air bags mounted outside the frame rails for greater stability. A combination of vertical and lateral heavy-duty shock absorbers softens bumps and minimizes sway and rocking. The energy-absorbing steering column soaks up vibration. And for individual positioning, the ergonomically-designed steering wheel tilts from 0 to 32 degrees and telescopes a full 4.5".

The Ultimate Driver Environment

The VNL Daycab works hard to keep drivers comfortable. There's extra room between seats and plenty of storage space on the back wall and overhead. Superior insulation and soundproofing keep the cab as quiet as many passenger cars, for better concentration and less fatigue. On the dash, a centrally positioned screen displays key diagnostic information. Controls are within easy reach, with optional switches for lights and audio on the steering wheel, and a handy cup holder integrated into the dash.

Turn Circles Around Other Trucks

No matter what it's pulling, the VNL Daycab has no problem maneuvering through crowded spaces. The set-back axle and up to 50" wheel cut deliver one of the tightest turning radiuses in the industry. And with Volvo's responsive steering, this truck handles as easily on the highway as it does in city traffic and at the loading dock.

It's Not From The Future, But It's Headed In That Direction

The VNL Daycab's sleek design saves fuel. It's built tough and dependable to maximize uptime, and it's loaded with advanced features to boost your bottom line.