Volvo VNL 430

Built To Exceed Expectations

Short-Haul Routes Will Never Be The Same

With a 42" sleeper cab and a full-length bunk, the VNL 430 is proof that a short-haul route doesn’t have to be short on comfort and convenience. And it’s a great way for regional drivers to meet hours of service regulations. As an investment, the VNL 430 is as dependable as it is affordable. And thanks to its lighter weight and efficient design, it helps save money with every mile. No matter what it’s pulling, the VNL 430 gets in and out of tight situations easily. A wheel cut of up to 50° and setback axle deliver one of the tightest turning radiuses in the industry. And Volvo’s responsive steering can maneuver through city streets and truck terminals with ease.

Aerodynamically Designed For Better Fuel Efficiency

Every element of the VNL 430’s design—sloped hood and windshield, exterior sun visor, recessed door handles, wedge-shaped headlights—has been sculpted and streamlined to boost fuel efficiency. The welded cab has no rivets to catch the wind. And the gap between cab and trailer can be reduced to minimize air turbulence.

A Ride So Smooth, You’ll Wish Your Trips Were Longer

The VNL 430’s suspension air bags are mounted outside the frame rails for maximum stability, while vertical and lateral heavy-duty shock absorbers minimize sway and rocking. An energy-absorbing steering column soaks up bumps and vibration, and the adjustable steering wheel tilts from 0º to 32º and telescopes a full 4.5".

Welcome To The Ultimate Driver’s Environment

A large display screen keeps key diagnostic data front and center. Controls are within easy reach, with optional switches for lights and audio on the steering wheel. The VNL 430’s climate control system maintains a comfortable cab temperature, and a sophisticated air filtration system keeps the entire cabin free of dust. With over five feet of headroom and generous space between seats, the VNL 430 has all the room necessary for driving, sleeping, and storing gear. The spacious sleeper area includes a full-length bunk and both a sleeper curtain and available wraparound windshield curtain for privacy.

It Doesn’t Just Make Life Easier - It Makes It Better

It’s ready for anything. Crowded loading docks. Constant stopping and starting. In other words, the typical day. The best route to more comfort, better fuel economy, and greater profitability starts with a VNL 430.