Volvo VNM 200

Built To Exceed Expectations

A Versatile Truck Line For Today's Urban Routes

In this business, you need the right truck for the job. And when the job calls for same-day or overnight deliveries, the Volvo VNM line is it. Volvo VNM trucks feature midlength hoods for exceptional maneuverability and visibility. The VNM 630 is a mid-roof sleeper for medium distance bulk and specialty hauling. For routes requiring one or two nights away, the VNM 430 single sleeper is ideal. And for short, daily runs, the VNM Daycab is just right.

It's Never Been Easier To Back A Long Trailer Into A Tight Space

A Volvo VNM can navigate loading docks faster and easier than ever, no matter what it's pulling. The set-back axle and up to 50" wheel cut deliver one of the tightest turning radiuses in the industry. And Volvo's responsive steering handles tight situations safely and confidently.

Aerodynamics That Keep Fuel Efficiency In Great Shape

The smooth, sleek shape of the VNM is part of a design strategy that reduces wind resistance on every surface from the front bumper to the back mud flaps. All exterior elements -- sloped hood and windshield, recessed door handles, aerodynamic headlights -- are sculpted and streamlined for the lowest possible drag coefficient. The welded cab has no rivets to catch the wind, and the gap between cab and trailer is reduced to minimize air turbulence. All to help you spend less on fuel.

More Comfort On The Road. More Quiet In The Cab

Volvo's smooth, comfortable ride begins with a multidirectional air suspension system, with air bags mounted outside the frame rails for extra stability. Vertical and lateral heavy-duty shock absorbers soften bumps and minimize sway. An energy-absorbing steering column prevents road vibration from reaching your hands, and the steering wheel tilts from 0 to 32 degrees and telescopes a full 4.5".

Suddenly, It's A Little Easier To Leave Your Home And Family

The VNM 630 sleeper is available with two fixed bunks, plus room for amenities including a refrigerator and TV/ DVD. The VNM 430 has a full-length bunk and plenty of storage. And the VNM Daycab offers extra room between seats with storage on the back wall and overhead. If a premium-size Volvo VNL is more truck than the job requires, our VNM line is the answer. You won't find a better combination of power, dependability, and comfort in a short- or medium-haul truck.