Remote Programming

Taking a vehicle out of rotation to perform software and parameter updates can decrease productivity. So we changed the way those updates are performed. Now with Remote Programming a driver simply pulls over, connects to the Volvo Uptime Center, and the upgrade is done over the air.

Software Updates

Eliminate the need to remove trucks from service and route them to a dealer in order to update powertrain control units software by enabling software updates over-the-air using our telematics platform.

Parameter Updates

Perform parameter updates nearly anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, at the discretion of the customer/decision maker. These parameter updates include but are not limited to transmission performance mode, max road speed limit and max engine speed.

Available for Model Year 2018 Volvo Trucks and newer equipped with remote Diagnostics

This service are available for all Model Year 2018 Volvo trucks and newer equipped with Volvo's Remote Diagnostics hardware. This includes our new 2017 GHG Volvo engines, Volvo I-Shift and aftertreatment.

Remote Programming Registration:

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