Volvo VNL 300

The Premium Level Daycab.

Versatility With Long-Haul Comfort.

When unique short-haul applications require maximum payload and minimum dimensions, look no further than Volvo’s daycab VNL 300. This nimble players provide all the comfort, productivity, and reliability of Volvo’s legendary VNL family of premium trucks in an efficient, highly-maneuverable package. Designed to work with the driver, delivering outstanding performance and visibility, the VNL 300 is the perfect solution when your route takes you out and back the same day. Even with its compact configuration, you’ll still find a surprising collection of standard features unique to Volvo that make for profitable, safe, and reliable operations. Day after day. Year after year.

Adaptive Loading.

A lift axle solution for 6x2 tractor configurations, Volvo’s Adaptive Loading is designed to help trucks run at peak fuel efficiency and performance every mile of every haul. It senses weight differentiation and automatically lifts the axle to reduce friction and save fuel. Adaptive Loading also improves traction during lighter hauls, by transferring all weight to the rear axle of the vehicle. From a full load down to an empty trailer, this integrated and automated technology makes every driver a more efficient driver.